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Firefox - Customizing Bookmarks

This article explains how to manage bookmarks in Firefox.

Managing Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox provides a simple interface for importing, exporting, and managing your bookmarks. Even better, you can also append bookmarks directly to the browser's toolbar (called your Personal Toolbar) or break your bookmarks into several distinct sections.

Importing Bookmarks

  1. First export bookmarks from your existing browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, for example, you can export your bookmarks by going to File > Import and Export then go through the walk-through. The end result will be a file called bookmarks.htm.

  2. Import the file in step 1 (bookmarks.htm) into Firefox.
    In Windows: Go to Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks and select Import and Backup > Import HTML then follow the steps in the Import Wizard.
    Organize Bookmarks

  3. In Mac:
    Go to Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks, then click on the star icon. Click on Import HTML..., then choose to import from an HTML file. Point the wizard to the location of your bookmarks.htm file and click Open.
    mac ff bookmarks

Exporting Bookmarks

To export bookmarks from Firefox:

  1. In Windows: Go to Show All Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Export HTML then follow the steps in the Export Wizard.
  2. In Mac: Go to Show All Bookmarks > click on the star icon and choose Export HTML..., then choose a location to export to. Click Save to finish the export.

After you have exported the bookmarks from Firefox, you may import them into another browser. Most browsers offers an import function. For example, in Internet Explorer go File > Import and Export, then follow the steps in the Wizard.

Managing Bookmarks

The primary interface for managing bookmarks can be accessed through Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks in Windows or Mac (as above). You may organize bookmarks into folders, add additional comments, or separate them by category. To move bookmarks around, just click and drag them to the new location. You may also sort by characteristics (such as name, location, date added) by going to View and selecting a characteristic.

Configuring Your Personal Toolbar

Firefox offers the ability to add sites directly to your Personal Toolbar, which is the toolbar directly below the address bar. There are two ways to add a bookmark here: first, while surfing the web normally, just drag an address bar down to the tab labeled bookmarks. Alternately, in the Bookmarks Manager (Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks), simply place the bookmark inside the "Bookmarks Toolbar."

mozilla firefox documentation

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