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CNet Account and Password FAQ

This article explains answers to frequently asked questions regarding CNet accounts and passwords.

Note: If your question is related to account closure, you should examine Account Closure, Eligibility & Information.

CNetID? CNetID Password? What are those for?

Most people have more usernames and passwords than they'd care to remember; to address this problem, IT Services has moved toward a single set of credentials for authenticating against all common services we provide. The result of this is the Chicago Network ID most commonly known as the CNetID and the CNetID password - a single username/password pair to authenticate against as many services as possible.

I forgot my CNet password; how can I reset it?

If you've forgotten your CNetID password (or even if you haven't), you can change your password (see CNetIDs - Changing Your CNet Password) through the CNet Account Management website. If you are unable to reset it through the CNetID website, you can reset it in person at the Identification and Privileges Office (IPO) in the Regenstein library.

I don't remember my CNetID; can I look it up?

If you have forgotten your CNetID, contact the Identification & Privileges Office (IPO). They are located in the lobby of the Regenstein Library or you can call (773) 702-3344.

I want to change my CNetID, what do I do?

CNetIDs cannot be changed at this time. If you want to change your CNetID because of harassment, stalking, or other such factors, contact to discuss the situation. If you're looking for an alternate email address, you should create an alias (seeCNetID Email Aliases).

My attempt to create an account failed... why?

If you are unable to create a CNetID online through the CNetID Account Management website you may fall under one of the following cases:

  • You aren't in the system yet
  • You have mis-entered information in the system
  • You are not eligible for an account.

To determine which of these is the case, contact the Identification and Privileges Office (IPO).

What's the difference between my @midway and @uchicago email addresses?

For almost all purposes there is no difference between @midway and @uchicago addresses. You should only give out your address, as addresses are considered deprecated and only maintained as a legacy service.

I was trying to change my password but it says my account is locked!

This is generally because you've tried and failed to authenticate a total of ten times. Talk to the Identification and Privileges Office (IPO) to unlock your account. This is a security precaution to prevent someone from trying to break into your account through brute-force guessing.

If I used to be a student, but am now a staff member (or vice versa)...what happens?

While some changes are made to your user account when you switch between student, staff, or faculty status your account name and password are unaffected. In other words, while you may be using different services, you will access them in the same way. You should replace your UChicago ID card when you change roles at the Identification and Privileges Office (IPO).

I lost my password. Can I recover it?

No, you cannot recover a lost password - it was hashed (encrypted) in a non-recoverable form as soon as you created it. This is a security mechanism that helps ensure that your password cannot be compromised.

While you can't recover your old password, you can change your CNetID password (see CNetIDs - Changing Your CNet Password) if you've lost it (or even if you haven't). If you can't reset your password online, contact the Identification and Privileges Office (IPO) at 773-702-8782.

How soon can students claim their CNetIDs before the quarter begins?

Students who are admitted for…

Autumn: can claim on May 1
Winter: can claim at the end of Summer Quarter
Spring: can claim at the end of Autumn Quarter
Summer: can claim at the end of Winter Quarter

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