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Server Hosting - Which Server is Right for You?

This article explains the types of server hosting (virtual and physical) that IT Services offers and who to contact for a consultation.

IT Services offers a variety of physical server and virtual machine server hosting to the University community. This article provides information about our hosting options.

What We Offer

For most purposes, the shared virtual server environment is most appropriate. However, we do provide both virtual and physical server hosting.

Virtual Servers

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization allows a single piece of computer hardware to be partitioned into multiple servers such that each server has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual machine (VM) server can run its own operating system (Windows or Linux), is assigned its own hostname and may be independently administered, configured, and rebooted without impact on other VM servers. Virtualization improves server efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and it simplifies operation and administration.

IT Services offers several types of managed and supported virtual servers in order to meet a variety of the University community's needs. We offer:

  • A shared virtual production environment
  • A virtual testing and pre-production environment
  • Virtual, non-shared production machines

We offer a number of server hosting options that we can match to your needs. Options include:

  • System administration
  • Storage
  • Backups
  • Hardware refreshes

Physical Servers

If your application or requirements do not allow you to use a virtual server, we will also offer hosting for both managed and unmanaged physical servers.

Do you need a Virtual or a Physical Server?

In general, virtual servers are preferable over physical servers. However, certain conditions warrant a physical server. Every request needs to be evaluated individually to ensure the appropriate platform is provided. After receiving a request, the systems administrator will make the determination, in conjunction with the customer.

Where to Go From Here

We will consult with you in order to determine a solution that best fits your needs. We evaluate each request individually to ensure that we are providing you with the appropriate platform. In order to do this, we will ask you to provide the requirements for your application. Contact the IT Services Service Desk to arrange a pre-consultation to fully ascertain your needs. After you consult with IT Services, you can use our order form.

For more information about this service, visit Rates can be found at

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