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Personal Websites - Troubleshooting

This article explains how to troubleshoot common issues with personal websites.

Why does it say my directory is "Forbidden"?

If a directory doesn't have an index file with the right name, the server refuses to return anything, and instead returns a "Forbidden" message. You will need to have a file called index.html in your public_html folder and in each subdirectory you wish to make accessible.

Why don't my page edits appear immediately in my browser after a save?

Changes you make to your page are reflected automatically on the server, but some browsers may not display your changes if your page is "cached". Depending on the browser you use and its configuration, frequently-accessed pages may be saved locally on your hard disk in a temporary folder, or cache. Using forward or back buttons on a browser may load the cached page, not the one you just edited or uploaded. To remedy this, click the "refresh" button, which resynchronizes the pages. Remember that the html filenames are case sensitive, so it's possible to upload a new copy of an old file with a slightly different filename.

Why don't my images display?

There are many possible reasons images might not display properly. Filenames are case-sensitive and each file must have a valid suffix (such as .gif or .jpg). Another common problem is that the data in the file became garbled at some point, and the server is unable to recognize it as a picture. Check that your filenames are correct, have the appropriate extension, and are uncorrupted (you may need to upload your images again).

Why do my special file types show up as text?

Our server has a list that tells it what format should correspond to each file suffix: that's how it knows that .jpg means image, for example. If you're using a new or uncommon file type and suffix, it could be that it isn't on our list. If you're having a problem, let us know what suffix you're using and we'll be happy to add it to our server list., web, pages,, forbidden, error, page, edits, refresh, images, special, file, types   Doc ID:15897
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