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Audio/Video Equipment Leasing and Delivery - Assistive Listening Devices

This article explains guidelines for providing ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices).

Guidelines for Events Coordinators for Open Events

The University must make available assistive listening devices (ALDs) to individuals who wish to use them to hear better during lectures, classes, conferences, theatre performances, concerts, sporting events, and other functions that members of the public might attend. ALDs amplify sound directly into the ears of people with hearing loss and are now expected to be at events in case a member of the audience asks to use one.

A small University committee developed the following guidelines for those on campus who organize open events and conferences. While a large number of individuals provided valuable suggestions in the process of developing these guidelines, we recognize that we cannot anticipate every eventuality. We welcome your ongoing feedback to so that we can improve and refine these guidelines.

General Guidelines for On-Campus Events

Signing Out Equipment

At least 24 business-hours in advance of an event, the Event Organizer will need to make arrangements to obtain portable ALDs for your event.

  • For most spaces, contact Audio Visual Services at 773-834-4499 or to (1) complete a brief form to sign out ALDs for your event and (2) pick up the ALDs so that you have them available at your event if anyone asks to use one. Audio Visual Services' office hours are weekdays 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. ALDs are in convenient carrying cases accompanied by simple, step-by-step instructions for use. Audio Visual Services is happy to review with any Event Organizer the use of an ALD and to answer any questions.
  • For certain campus spaces, ALDs will be housed locally, and you will need to sign them out at least 24 business-hours in advance from the office that oversees the space in question. Such spaces will (1) have language in their event confirmation documents reminding you of the local availability of ALDs and/or (2) have signage in the space indicating that Event Coordinators should contact an office other than Audio Visual Services. These ALDs will come in the same carrying cases and with the same instructions.
  • Units may choose to purchase their own ALDs for the convenience of their staff at their own events. Others using that same space will need to make arrangements with Audio Visual Services as usual.

Units may wish to adopt the practice that many theatres use and request that an individual wishing to use an ALD provide a driver's license or photo identification as a deposit.

Integration with Other A/V Equipment

Some events will already require audio amplification, whether built-in or set up temporarily. ALDs must still be available for audience members who request them. While ALDs can be integrated with existing audio equipment in many event scenarios, including seminars and panel discussions, it will sometimes be necessary to use additional microphone(s). Please notify Audio Visual Services if your event requires audio amplification apart from ALDs; the Audio Visual Services staff will work with you to provide the best possible solution.

Alerting Your Speakers

For a variety of reasons, some speakers prefer not to use microphones-at least in certain spaces or at certain types of events. If a member of the audience asks to use an ALD, the system cannot operate without the speaker using a microphone, either stationary or lavalier. As a courtesy, Event Organizers are reminded to alert speakers that if an ALD is requested by a member of the audience, all speakers will need to use a microphone. For the ALD to serve its purpose, the sound need not be amplified for anyone other than the individual(s) using ALD.

Guidelines for Off-Campus Events

ALDs must also be available at University-sponsored events occurring off campus in the United States. We expect that most of the time, Event Organizers will arrange to borrow ALDs from the venues at which off-campus events take place. If that is not feasible, IT Services will loan out equipment for that purpose, too.

Purchasing Your Own ALDs

Units interested in purchasing their own ALDs may contact Audio Visual Services with questions and for equipment recommendations and advice on vendors.

Where to Go for Help

For University spaces other than the ones listed below, please contact Audio Visual Services to arrange for ALDs.

For spaces in: Contact:
Biological Sciences Learning Center BSD Facilities Services, BSLC 118 & 120
Court Theater Box Office
Crerar Library Circulation Desk
Graduate School of Business, Hyde Park Center GSB Facilities and Operations
Henry Crown Field House Front Desk
Ida Noyes Hall ORCSA, INH 106
International House Programs and External Relations
Law School Events and Conferences
Mandel Hall ORCSA, RC 003
Oriental Institute Security Desk
Ratner Athletic Center Front Desk
Reynolds Club/Hutchinson Commons ORCSA, RC 003
Rockefeller Chapel Administrative Office
Stagg Field Ratner Front Desk
University Theater Reynolds Club, Third Floor

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